Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Scale Has It's Ups and Downs

Just like life can be an emotional roller coaster, so can the scale! There are mornings when I'm giddy at seeing a new low number, something I can log on here as a success. And then are mornings like yesterday and today, where the scale has magically jumped 2 pounds and I sulk out of the bathroom to go get dressed, peeved that the delicious dinner I had with my boyfriend on Saturday night (and brunch on Sunday...) is still sticking around. 
So I decided a week and a half ago to start making an Excel spreadsheet with my daily weigh ins. I was curious if a pattern was emerging, if my weight really was a roller coaster like it seemed. And sure enough, that's EXACTLY what it looks like. It's up, it's down, it's REALLY down, it's going up another giant hill (hopefully preparing for a giant drop again)... and this is all in 13 days! It can be slightly maddening. So, here's what my chart looks like:  
And as you can see, it's pretty much all over the place! Up, down, up, down, REALLY UP!  But it's all still useful. I reached a new low at 148.9 on Friday. Even though it's up to above 151 yesterday and today, that's still a sign that I'm losing weight, it's just masked by water weight from this weekend. The line is a moving average of the data points. So it had been trending downward, even its still right around 150 even with the high weigh ins.
So, in short, you can't look at one day by itself! That's the bad thing about a weekly weigh in. Maybe it'll be a day where I'm at the bottom of the curve and it I can log 2 pounds lost. Maybe it's a day where I'm at the very top and it looks like I've actually GAINED! But, once I string it al ltogether, I can see that I don't have to stress over the past 2 data points. I know from many weigh ins that around Wed/Thurs, my weight drops again once my body is back in gear.  Plus I've had bad allergies in the last week so who knows how that plays in. I'm going to continue keeping track and hopefully that line (as wiggly as it is), starts to trend downward.

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