Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Everyday Challenges

Sometimes it seems the universe is working against you when you really want to lose weight/get healthier. It seems to be especially true this week. I saw a number below 150 on the scale, I was finally happy with where I was and making great progress and BAM... what can go wrong will go wrong.
So instead of whining about it, I'm just gonna tackle them one by one.
- TOM... well I can't do anything about that... moving on
- Allergies... taking my Zrytec and hoping I have the energy to workout tonight. I ran 3K around the lake yesterday but since it was outside, that's about all my body could handle. I have a training session at the gym tonight, I'm telling my trainer he's not allowed to kill me with cardio since I can't breathe. And it's bad enough with the exercise asthma, so it's even worse with that plus allergies.
- Too much sodium... Well this one I can try to deal with. I know the problem is my lunches, easily topping 1000mg most days because I eat out with my coworkers. It's a social thing, I'd rather get out of the office, I know the calorie content of what I eat, and I so factor in sodium into my decisions, it could be much worse. Either I try to bring lunches and miss out on getting out of here for a bit, or I just drink more water. Perhaps a combo of the 2 is needed. I'll lose my mind if I sit in my office every single day for lunch.
- Still not being able to run a full 5K. The furthest I've gone on the treadmill is 2 miles (except for the fluke day where I did run 5K and I have NO idea how!), and outside I've done 2.5K without stopping. But this past week has been extra hard with a sore throat and allergies. So, I'm just hoping that's the issue. Yesterday, despite the allergies, I ran my first 1K in 6:50, which is under an 11 minute mile pace :) I did all 3K in 22:00, which is under a 12 mile pace, and I took 2 walking breaks. So, I'm hoping that I am a better runner outside (and the route I take has some small hills in it and can be quite windy) and if I keep training out there, it'll get better.

So I think I just need to give it a few days, keep taking my allergy meds, and hope for the best on the scale at the end of the week. It's been 3 weeks since I've started eating more, so hopefully those changes will really start to show once TOM is gone. It seems like it takes me 3 weeks to get moving, and then once I do, TOM derails things. But that's life... I suppose it's better than the alternative! (aka being preggers). 

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