Thursday, April 21, 2011

Diet Hermit

So, I'm feeling like a bit of a charlatan in terms of plateau busting. I thought I finally had done it, I was seeing below 150 for a while and then it started to creep back up again, and then I had a weekend of eating out, and now it's been squarely above since Saturday. It was only a week ago I saw a low of 148.1! So, now I'm not sure what's going on, and I'm starting to question myself. Have I really been as diligent as I thought? Probably not. 
I think I can narrow it down to two things, I've eaten out too much and I haven't gotten to workout as much as I want to. But like I wrote about in my last blog, it's about balancing life with a healthy lifestyle. My best friend from high school visited me this weekend, so inevitably we ate, we drank, but I didn't go overboard. Kept the drinks to a minimum, didn't order anything horrible and I kept portion size reasonable. But sodium sucks. And extra food and not as much wrking out is gonna do annoying things to the scale. And it's something I'm gonna have to constantly deal with. So...
I could give up going out to dinner with friends, family, my boyfriend, etc
I could give up drinking on Thursdays with my kickball team
I could give up eating lunch out with my coworkers and eating lunch alone at my desk every day
I could give up eating the occasional cupcake
I could give up having anything but saintly healthy food in my apartment
I could give up doing anything in the evening but going to the gym
I could give up delicious craft beer that my beer guru of a boyfriend picks out for me
I could give up delicious anniversary dinners like our 6 month dinner tomorrow night 
But how happy would I be? Not very... I'm 24! I'm finally confident and happy and dating someone and TINY! Well, tiny enough.

I'm not gonna be a diet hermit!

I've already decided that I'm OK if it takes a while to get to my goal weight, and I know that I'm gonna have to sacrifice a bit to get there. But I'm not going crazy Biggest Loser and working out 6 hours a day and eating nothing. I have a healthy body fat %, a healthy waist measurement, and my BMI is nearly healthy with about 8 lbs to go. I still workout with my trainer once a week. I'm gonna keep up all my good habits, and really make an effort to keep losing weight. But not at the expense of driving myself insane. I tend to hpyer-focus on one thing, it's part of my OCD-ness, and weight loss has been my focus for a year now. It's not healthy for my brain to keep it up! I need to socialize and get out and drink beer and focus on other things. Otherwise I'll just drive myself insane.
So, my overall message here is not that I'm giving up, or slacking off. I'm just living my life the way I want to, and being healthy is part of that. But so is being happy. 

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