Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Question and Answer Session: The Question Part!

I've been getting lots of questions in the past few days from my new MFP pals who found me by way of my "Busting a 3 Month Plateau" blog, so I thought I'd address them in a forum that everyone could benefit from!
I know that when I started on here, I asked tons of questions and I greatly appreciated anyone who took the time to answer, even if they were silly. (And yes, I asked whether I should eat my exercise calories... LOL! Don't worry, that'll be the first question I answer so not need to ask it again). Now I'm on the flip side after losing 65 lbs, and I find myself doing the answering much more than the asking. Even though I'm not a professional, a trainer, a doctor, or a body builder, I've been through it already so I have quite a bit of insight into what works and what doesn't.

So this is where you come in! Post in the comments below or send me a message if you want your question to be anonymous and I'll pick a few in each blog post to address over the next few days. I've already gotten some in my messages but I suspect they are questions that will be asked again.
My rules are simple: ask anything and I'll answer honestly! I trust the people on here and I'm willing to share all the gory details about weight loss, growing up fat (yep, not afraid to use that word anymore), dealing with a skinnier self, etc. If I start getting scientific, it's something I've read over and over again and I'll try to link to useful resources if I can find something.

There you have it... ask away! 

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