Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easy Come, Not So Easy Go

It always starts with one less than stellar day. Kickball's first game of the season. Beer for dinner... and then partaking in my teammates nachos. 80 oz of Yeungling later and my Friday morning was painful (and the scale wasn't happy either). Then Friday was my 6 month anniversary with Randy, and I had an amazing gourmet burger and fries at our favorite restaurant in DC. Scale REALLY not happy. Then comes Easter weekend with my family in Jersey (in which I was stuffed with food) and my mom's birthday yesterday where I took her to lunch. And the scale this morning was 7 lbs higher than my 148.1 lb low from 2 Thursdays ago! WHOAAAAAA CAN THAT REALLY HAPPEN???

Yes, it can, when I completely let myself go and eat enough sodium-laden food for a month. It just goes to show how quickly it can snowball. And how quickly I can slide back into old habits. I admit lately I've been letting myself enjoy things, like I posted before I don't want to be a diet hermit. But I think I took the freedom toooooo far. I can live my life without eating a giant plate of food at Easter and then sampling every single kind of dessert. And no one needs 80 oz of beer... LOL!
So, new rule. Moderation! I'm not gonna say no to dinner with someone or eating with my family, but i need to get smarter about what I'm eating. And I need to get better with working out when I'm busy. I haven't had a workout since last Wednesday! Oy... and my 5K is this Sunday. So I need to really focus on turning things around this week. New rules:
1. If I eat out, it has to be a healthy choice. No more burgers, fries, heavy calorie-laden mac n cheese, etc. I don't have to pick the highest calorie menu item to enjoy my food.
2. No letting a busy schedule stop me from working out for a week. I could have gotten up on Easter and worked out for 30 minutes. I wasn't doing anything. Same with Monday morning. So, no more lame excuses for not working out.
3. I'm cleaning up my eating in general. I need to try to cut back on sodium at lunch with eating Subway or Chick Fil A several times a week. I think I'm gonna start making my own lunch to bring in a few times a week. It's not hard to make a quick sandwich with low sodium lunch meat.
Hopefully I can stick to all this, it's something I need to do or else I'm gonna start going backwards, and it's bad enough being still stuck around 150. I was going in the right direction for about 2 weeks, and then kickball and stuff both weekends completely derailed it. Time to get back in gear... 

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