Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Things

Now that I'm more than 3 months into this adventure, I'm realizing that a lot of little things add up to a really big result. Now that I've passed the 20 pounds lost mark, I'm focusing on doing what I can to keep that up and to improve my health too. So here's just a few little things that I've done or that have made me happy.
- I started buying more fruits, vegatables, and natural food in general. I have strawberries, bananas, corn on the cob, and peanut butter. All things that I like but never really bothered to buy. Processed food = high sodium, so having my snacks be a banana instead of a 100 calorie pack is a good change.
- I bought a heart rate montior. It's been cool to see what I burn and what my heart rate is during a workout. For the gym yesterday, it wasn't too far off what the machine predicts. But today for the 30 Day Shred Level 2 and EA Sports Active combination, I burned twice as many calories on the Wii as the game told me. I suspected it was underestimating, but now at least I have a better way to track it.
- I bought a new swim suit top... SIZE 12!! WHOOT! I've never really been a size 12 in anything as an adult, so that rocked. It tucks my tummy in and looks great. My tiny 130 pound althetic sister told me I was looking skinny. I was really excited about that. I really don't mind wearing a swimsuit now. Even with a ways to go until my goal, I'm seeing an improvement in how my body looks and how I feel about it.
- I had a cheezy pickup line used on me at the bar on Thursday night. I'm not really used to male attention, especially not 30 pounds ago. So the fact that I had guys looking at me as I passed, and even one sit down next to me at the bar and use a pickup line was AWESOME. Granted, the guy was a creeper, but still. I don't like to admit that I need validation from other people, but it was a nice little ego bump :D

So those are just a few things I've been doing, and my health and confidence are improving. My weight has been going down at a pretty decent rate since I started the 30 Day Shred. So far things are great right now in my life. It's a nice change... :)

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