Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Think I'm Addicted To My Scale

I read all your encouraging and helpful comments on my last blog post about the scale. I do take measurements around the 18th of every month (I finally get to see the progress of the 30 Day Shred I started about a month ago!). I have noticed that my scale is finicky and if I move it to one part of the floor, the number will change and even if I move it back to the spot before it'll say that same number again. So it's kinda funky. 
However, I tend to be a naturally obsessive person and weight loss is my newest obsession. I spend way too much time thinking about it, logging food, getting on the scale, etc. Weight loss is a great thing, and I'm happier than ever, except it's always on my mind. Especially this past week with the scale bouncing all ove the place. I'm sure there are a few reasons for it, I have made some changes in the past week. Mainly, I've upped in exercise intensity. I've started a pretty hard Zumba class, and I did the first Couch 2 5K session last wed (I'll do it again tomorrow). I also have been eating almost all my exercise calories, and I burn almost 500 a day. So I think I'm going to try a few things to get my brain and body on track and hopefully save my sanity.
1. STOP WEIGHING EVERY DAY. I don't even weigh just once a day, I'll weigh before I go to bed, or if I'm just in my bathroom. It's bad... So I'm going to try to go at least  day in between. Gotta start small...
2.  Cut back to eating half of my exercise calories a day. Since I'm burning so much, I still get to eat 1400-1500 calories a day and still have a few hundred left over.
3. Keep going with my workouts. I'm gonna stick to my schedule from the last post and just let my body adjust to some of the new ones, especially running intervals. 
4. Take my measurements on Friday and be happy with them. I still have lost 7 pound sin the past 5 weeks (and 2 1/2 pounds in a week twice in that time!). That's nothing to sneeze at. So I just need to chill out, let me body do its thing, and keep going.
Ugh... this is gonna be hard, but I'm sticking to it. Starting with not stepping on the scale AT ALL until Friday morning. It's going to be hard, but I'm gonna do it.

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