Saturday, June 19, 2010

25 (and 26) Pounds Gone! Never To Be Heard From Again!

I'm having a really good morning. And I mean a REALLY good morning. I was kind of bummed last night moping over being single when it seems everyone I know is dating or getting married in the next year. So I woke up this morning feeling kinda blue, stepped on the scale, and the whole day turned around.
I LOST 1.2 POUNDS SINCE YESTERDAY! And not only that, it brings me to having lost 26 pounds, which is only 4 pounds away from my first major goal of losing 30. 30 pounds lost puts me into the overweight BMI category, for the first time probably since I was starting high school. And 25 to 30 pounds is half of what I want to lose all together (I'm not sure where I want to end up, at least below 150). So... halfway there!!! I'm really starting to notice a difference in fitting into clothes and how much smaller I'm starting to look. Since the weight isn't so spread out anymore, losing 5 pounds is more of a change than 5 pounds when I weighed 200. I can shop in almost any store I want and find clothes that fit. That's such a huge change! Shopping used to suck before trying to find things to hide my stomach and pants that fit. I completely lost it trying to find work pants in January before I started my job because nothing was fitting right. I've gone from wearing a size 16/18 pant to a solid size 14 and shrinking. In tops, I've gone from XXL/XL to L or on a really rare occasion M. I think that's the most exciting part... I LOVE CLOTHES. Even more so fitted clothes, I won't buy baggy shirts anymore. The fact that I look good in them is even more amazing. 
So that is my morning celebration. Even more motivation to do what I promised myself I'd do this morning... two levels of the 30 Day Shred in a row! Level 3 wasn't burning enough calories for my taste... haha. So I'm tacking Level 2 onto the workout. I noticed for the first time that when I flex my leg, i can feel the muscles in the outer side of my calf and thigh. I still need lots of work on my inner thigh (where I hold a lot of weigh) and on my stomach (which has gotten soooo much smaller already), but I'm making progress. 
Thanks to all my friends on here that have given me encouragement and inspiration to continue with this! 

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