Thursday, May 27, 2010

20 Pounds Gone!

As of this morning, I officially weigh 180.0 lbs. When I started Feb 16th, I was 200 lbs. That means I'VE LOST 20 POUNDS!
For having never really tried to do anything about my weight in the past, this is HUGE. I was unhappy but for some reason I never really considering that I could do something about it. In my last semester or two of school, I started making an effort to eat better and walk around campus more. Somehow my weight crept up to being over 200 around Junior year and that scared me. My efforts worked last semester and I went down about 15 lbs from August-Dec 2009 without too much effort (and without realizing since I lacked a scale!) Gained 5lb back over my break between graduating in Dec. and Feb. when I started work. But with this 20 lbs, that means I've actually lost 30ish lbs!
I'm also the same weight that I was when I started college. At least I've reversed the damage from those 4 1/2 years. Now I'm onto being better than I ever have before. The first 20 pounds has proved to me that I have the willpower to keep going, even though I'm really happy right now, I know I can do better. I've kicked up my workouts (or at least Jillian Michaels has), and I'm really trying to focus on eating more fresh food, esp. fruits and veggies. In another 10 pounds I'll be at my first major goal: the line between obese and overweight. I'm starting to think about buying bikinis at some point this summer. I'll keep trying until I'm happy with how I look in one. I don't need to be at my goal weight for that, just a flatter stomach and I'll be set. Maybe in 10-15 lbs. 
I'm pretty proud of myself for having done this. I've definitely dived into it 100 percent. My family and friends can attest to that when I need to pick what I'm ordering before I even get to the restaurant from online. And I haven't given up everything I enjoyed before. I still have Ben and Jerry's... Lowfat Froyo and only ONE SERVING at a time. And yesterday I had pizza... one slice and I dabbed off all the grease first and had water with it. It's little changes that have added up to 20 big pounds lost. Here's to the next 20, and the next 20 after that. And then maybe I'll be done, or maybe I'll keep going. As long as I'm still happy, it's all good from here.

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