Sunday, May 16, 2010

Running Sneakers

When I asked everyone at MFP for help choosing a reward for losing 30 pounds on here, I said how badly I needed new sneakers. The ones I've got are from freshman year of college I think, and are quite literally falling apart. Plus they lack support. Lots of you on the board told me to invest in them now so I don't hurt myself and I've done just that!

I got a pair of Brooks Ghost 2 sneakers in white, grey and neon green (flashy!) and they are soooo comfy! I can feel the difference in the arch support for my pretty flat feet and I'm looking forward to being able to do my 45 minutes on the elliptical without my feet going numb. I'm guessing that's not normal for a good shoe... lol. They set me back $100, but since my gym is free and my workouts are pretty low cost (a Wii game and a $9 DVD), spending $100 on shoes is well worth it. Since my previous pair lasted me for 4+ years, I have high hopes for these shoes. Maybe, since they are running sneakers, I'll try running! Loll... for now, I'm quite happy to have comfy new shoes. Thanks to everyone for their input and advice to buy a pair! This is why I love this site...
30 Pound Goal Reward Update:
I've decided that my 30 pound lost reward will be a heart rate monitor. I already have a few Wii games, so a Wii Fit Plus isn't as high priority. But I'd really like an accurate count of how much I burn working out. So I'm gonna get myself a monitor to do just that. I'll probably invest in a Polat F6, based on all the positive feedback here, but I'm open to suggestions over the next month or two as I lose the last 13 pounds to get to 30.

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