Monday, January 10, 2011

They Weren't Lying About The Last 10 Pounds

I definitely had a great week last week, there's no denying that. I kept my snacking and bad eating to a minimum, I worked out every day Mon-Thurs, and I logged a pound lost on Friday morning (down to 150.3 lbs now). I thought I had some good momentum going for this next week and I might finally see 149 on the scale, it's insane the power that number has in my mind.
But I lost it a bit. Friday I had Thai food with Randy on our date night... and 3 beers. That by itself isn't terrible. But then Saturday I COULD NOT STOP EATING! It was horrible. I slipped back into old habits where I would eat when I was bored. I was at my aunt's house babysitting my cousins ALL day, stuck inside, with nothing but a stocked kitchen. I arrived to breakfast food from Panera, so a bagel and half a souffle became lunch. Then I found the coconut  creme chocolates. Then the popcorn. Then dinner of pasta and a sweet potato (OK by itself), but then I had white rice and seaweed. And then dessert was coconut sorbet. And another chocolate. And some coffee almonds Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
There, I confessed to every bite I can move on now. I went to the gym Sunday morning and glued my feet to a Crossramp machine for an entire hour, then I went on a 2 hr shopping trip: burned 1200 calories. I feel a bit better. But the scale this morning is still a mark of my transgressions (up 2 lbs over Friday, thank you TOM and a tummy ache). 

I'm now realizing how darn hard it is going to be to get down into the 130s. I've been SO CLOSE tothe 140s for like a month now, with being 0.3 lbs away on Friday I thought I had finally done it. And then I sabboaged myself. I was OK with indulging a bit with Randy, but I didn't need to eat any of the stuff I did on Saturday, and sit on my butt all day on top of it (I seriously barely got off their couch). So I need to make sure that I go into these siutations with a game plan. I'm spending half this week out in San Diego on a business trip. Airport food, airplane snacks, probably eating out a majority of my meals. I need to resolve to keep the eating under control and get some workouts in (the hotels have gyms, thank goodness).
I knew these last 10 pounds were going to put up a fight, but I didn't realize what a battle it was going to be! It will be helpful that I have my trainer to keep me in line and give me some pointers, but losing weight is like 80% food. And I've been having a bit of trouble with that side of things. So, here is my public declaration that I'm getting that stuff in order and resisting temptation! I don't plan on giving up everything, but I've been indulging in situations where it's just not necessary. I'm not gonna start turning Date Night into salad and no drinking night, but the rest of the week I don't need to be eating crap. I can't have this pattern of doing well during the week and erasing it every weekend continue, at least now. I've at least shown myself that I can handle maintenance... the problem is that I don't want to maintain right now! lollll 
This blog entry has ended up being a bit of a vent, but it helps when I put things in writing. And I guess it shows people that this isn't easy, and it's all something we deal with every day. So, I encourage you to do the same, look at your habits and see what you can fix. I'm gonna be working hard on that the next few months, so that when summer rolls around, I'll be ready for it :)

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