Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Less Than 10 Pounds To Go!!

Well, after months of bouncing around in the 150s, eating awesome, eating terribly, working out at the gym with my trainer, skipping a week of workouts for the holidays, and getting on the scale every morning hoping that it will finally show a new decade... this morning it did!
149.8 lbs!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
I almost didn't think I'd get here. I hit the 150s the first week of October. A full 3 months later I'm now seeing the 140s. This has definitely been the hardest decade to get through. And I fully expect moving through the 140s to be equally hard (at least Christmas and stuff isn't in the middle there!).  But I also learned quite a bit while struggling through the 150s.
First off, EAT! I don't mean cookies and Christmas pies and everything delicious like that (which I admit, I totally ate) but I also had a solid month where I wasn't eating much. I'd replace my dinner with a shake regularly, never ate more than 1200 calories exceprt for a cheat day on occasion, and it just wasn't doing anything good for me.
So now that I've gotten my eating squared away, life is better... haha. I've been really focusing on cooking FRESH DELICIOUS FOOD! And ya know what, it's not hard! That's another major change I've started to make, more fresh food. I've made chili, ground turkey breast for meat sauce and taco filling, baked fish, roasted potatoes. It's all so simple! And it's SO much better for me than frozen meals and protein shakes. I've been getting 1300-1400 calories of quality food in my system, with a little treat here and there. 
On top of that, I recently changed up my workout routine. I was getting used to Turbo Fire and it just didn't have the impact it used to back in Sept and Oct. So I joined my local gym, signed up for the personal training, and it's really helped! I love using all the different cardio and strength machines, and it's great having someone to guide me, and more importantly, PUSH ME! I used some sit up machine last night where I was literally hanging in the air. And I was freaked out (I don't like heights....) but the trainer encouraged me and I did it! TWO SETS! It's nice being in a social environment instead of my living room. And let's face it, I need to get out more as it is... haha.
So, some magical combination of food and exercise got me to 149.8 lbs this morning. And I feel confident about where I'm at. I don't know if it'll be another 3 months before I'm writing a blog about reach my goal healthy weight of 140. I might do it faster... or slower. But I will be there before it's summertime. Ideally I want to be at my FINAL goal of 135 by summertime, Memorial Day when the pool opens. I'm gonna use everything I've learned to lose the first 65 lbs to lose the last 10-15 lbs. And with everyone on MFP being SOOOO supportive, I know I'll get there. Size 4 jeans and a hot bikini, here I come!

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