Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Personal Training and the Stairmaster of Doom

I made a bit of a crazy decision at the end of December. I had just joined a gym, after losing weight on my own for the first 11 months, and I had a consultation with a personal trainer. I wasn't planning at all to sign up for anything, I just wanted to see what he said about my progress. I got an A+, but I was really interested in how much further a trainer might be able to take me.
First off, I do believe that I could finish what I started without all this training business. I have a gym membership, but there are a lot of machines and stuff in that gym! I look at some of them and I'm like, what are they even supposed to do? How the heck do they work? What muscles?I'm sure I could have figured it out from trial and error (except I couldn't figure out how to even turn on one of the treadmill models, so that's an issue... haha). Anyway, I would have gotten to my goal, eventually I'm sure. By summer is what I'm shooting for. 
So in comes the idea of a personal trainer. I know a lot of people on this site don't believe in spending money on such a thing, or question how useful it is. So this is just based on my experience. It's something I'm willing to spend money on (and it's not that pricey either, $100 a month for 3/4 sessions, on top of $20 a month for gym access, cheap).  I like the idea of being held accountable every week for a buttkicking of a workout. I know at home I'll do what's comfortable, like Turbo Fire. I'll skip working my abs because it hurts, I'll skip some of the strength training because I find it painfully boring. But with a training workout, it's not an option. He will stand there counting until I do every single rep, even if I'm making weird faces and whining
So, I guess I'm paying for someone to tell me what to do, but I like that he tells me what other workouts to do the rest of the week. It's starting off with just do 3-4 good cardio sessions a week, where I really get my heart rate up. Turbo Fire at home is good, or come to the gym and use the cardio machines. Once we get further, I'll add in strength training on my own. He said he can get me to 25% body fat by April. That would be amazing. I think I can do it, as long as I keep the scale moving in the right direction. I definitely have fat left to burn (hello flat stomach, are you out there somewhere???), and I'm willing to keep myself in line with eating and indulgences (I'm actually happy that Christmas is over). 
So enter the Stairmaster of Doom! Last night was my first time on one of those things. And it really is a stairway to NOWHERE! And I feel like without an extra push, that's how my weight loss journey would continue. I've been losing a pound or two a month since October, I admit a little bit of my drive had gone out of me, and I'd just be climbing those steps forever and not really getting to my goal. But I'm happy with this decision, I think it gets me off the Stairmaster of Doom and onto a path to somewhere. I don't really know where I'll end up after a year of training once a week. 135 lbs? 130 lbs? A tiny hot chick in a bikini with a flat stomach (oh I sure hope that's in my future...). I don't plan on taking it too far, I like my curves, I just don't like my curves when they still jiggle... haha.
So that's my rationale for this decision. I just wanted to get it out there why I did it since my family in particular was questioning my motives. I look forward to my training each week, I'm bummed I'll miss next week for a business trip. But now I'm confident that I'll reach 140 by summer, maybe even by Eastertime! I'm SO close to breaking into the 140s right now, I'm thinking that by Friday this week I'll see it. I was 150.7 lbs this morning... whoot! So onward and upward, but not on the Stairmaster of Doom. This time I'm going somewhere.

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