Friday, January 14, 2011

The Joy Of Cooking (And Working Out)

Now that I've had a bit of time to recover from the madness of Christmastime and all the temptations that have come with it, I can focus on how I want to start the new year so I can finally reach my goal. No one is perfect, so even if my New Years Resolution isn't  solely to lose weight (like it was last year), there are definitely still things I can improve on. The last 10-15 lbs are definitely going to put up a fight, and it's clear that they have been the past 2 weeks.
To start with, I think I'm actually starting to ENJOY COOKING! That's one I didn't see coming. It always was such a chore to have to prepare food. It had to cook, I had to pay attention to it (and I have a short attention span and like to multitask), it burns, it's expensive... blah blah excuses. This year I'm making an effort to cook! And I've realized since I'm only one person, I can make enough one night to last me a few meals. So here's some of the things I've been cooking
- fresh fish, and I get with something yummy already done to it like crab stuffed or coconut crusted... mmm mmm
- roasted potatoes (SO easy, and lots of leftovers)
- Chili! I got a crock pot for Christmas, so easy
- chicken breast (yes, I know it's the easiest thing ever, but it was a step up for me)
- ground turkey breast for tacos and meat sauces
I'd say that's a pretty good start, and it incorporates protein in almost all of it, which I never liked to cook before since it's a bit harder than just making some pasta. So I'm resolving to avoid eating out of my freezer unless it's freshly made leftovers. No more frozen meals, altho frozen veggies and such are OK to add as sides. 

My other resolution is to make use of my new gym! I've got the personal training once a week, but I'm really trying to get there at least 4 days a week now. As much as I love Turbo Fire, it's just not doing it for me anymore. It's not a challenge at all, and I don't want my body getting used to things. So I'm going to the gym as often as I can to take advatage of a big variety of ways to workout. It's fun too, I like being around other people who are working out, it's motivation to work harder. I went last night, I'm going tonight, and I might wake up and go tomorrow morning. I'll definitely work out in the morning at least, it's just a matter of where.
So those are the two things I'm really focusing on. I want the scale to keep moving (with the new workout routine it's a bit stuck this week) and I think upping my game is gonna work. My body is stubborn, giving it frozen "healthy" food and working out for 30 minutes just isn't gonna do it anymore. It worked when I was 200 lbs, now I'm 150 and it'll take effort to get down to 135. The important thing is that I really enjoy it, working out and cooking aren't chores anymore. They're just part of a new lifestyle that I'm gonna keep up with.

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