Monday, January 24, 2011

Old Habit Die Hard (Especially in Southern California)

I went into this business trip with a game plan. I was spending 5 days in Southern California, where healthy food is plentiful, the hotel had a gym, and even if I didn't count calories, I was going to try to pick healthy food.
Easier said than done!
First I didn't count on being so tired, traveling across country just takes a lot out of me and I was basically tired all week even though I stayed on East Coast time and went to bed around 8pm every night.  The other thing I didn't count on was how not having to pay for food would change my thinking! I really wanted to try some yummy food while I was there, and the company was paying! $71 a day is a lot... so I ate full breakfast, a decent lunch... and then came dinner. I ended up drinking every night I was out there, partly because they have great beer in Southern CA. And partly because the business side of the trip was NOT going well at all, therefore Happy Hour because a common occurance. And of course my food decisions are never that great when alcohol is involved. Def didn't stick to my eating healthy plan most of the time. I had a bit of a "food bender" on Thursday night. Crab cakes and 2 beers, then a small ice cream, then another beer and a small salad, and then ANOTHER beer and a giant piece of red velvet cake. I couldn't resist... haha.
But, that's in the past, I had a really fun week otherwise when I was out there. It was nice to have 70s and sunny weather, now that the East Coast is in a deep freeze! And I'm going to the gym today after work, despite having some allergy issues from the change in climate. It's just one week, and the scale will adjust back to what it should be in a few days.
I'm starting to realize that as important as reaching my goal weight is, I'm not in a huge rush to do it. Things like business trips and weddings come up and I don't want to restrict myself so much that I don't enjoy it. I've only got 10 lbs ot go, 10 stubborn pounds but it's not a huge number. Summer is still 5 months away. I could lose a measly 2 lbs a month and still get there! That doesn't mean I'll slack off, but it's at least a nice cushion. I'm 95% happy with how I look now, I'm a size 6, small or medium in tops, and I seriously feel TINY when I look in the mirror. I just want to lose these last 10 or so pounds so that my muffin top goes away... hahaha. No fun being in size 6 jeans with that hanging over the top! 
So, my goal for the next few weeks is to get myself under 150 for good (I saw it once 2 weeks ago and then California happened and I'm up above 152, but that won't be for long). And to eat and workout when it's feasible. I won't be skipping the wedding cake, but I don't need to pig out (which happened a bit in Cali). February should be a pretty easy month with only Valentine's Day on the calendar to mess up the routine. Anyway, no point in stress when I'm happy about things. I'll get there soon, I just don't have to live in a bubble to do it :)

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