Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Warrior? Not So Much...

As if losing weight isn't hard enough on it's own during the week, when I have my healthy snacks at my desk, a workout planned every day after work, and a salad bar in the office cafeteria for a nutritious lunch, the weekend is BRUTAL!
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my weekends. I need to relax, I get to socialize, go on a date or something with my new guy (it's been a month now :D), and of course, SHOP! But lately I've been traveling just about every other weekend, either home to Jersey for some family event (everyone really needs to stop getting married all at once, too many events to go to), or just visiting friends somewhere (California was last weekend). It throws me out of my routine, I don't get a workout in first thing in the morning, I don't eat as well, and counting calories is much harder in general. 
Basically this has amounted to some measly weight loss over the last 2 weeks. I'm officially 0.1 lbs below where I was on my birthday 2 Friday's ago, after being down 0.8 lbs last Friday and gaining a bit back from California. And I know it won't get any easier. Next weekend I'm going to Jersey AGAIN for a wedding shower, and then 2 weekends after that is the dreaded Thanksgiving weekend! Food, dessert, lethargy, and a family trying to feed me. UGH! Well, not entirely UGH because its fun, but it makes things harder.
So, I need to get my act together, I can't afford to bust my bum all week to have it erased every weekend. That's all fine and dandy when I want to maintain my weight, but I'm still a a solid 15 lbs away from my initial goal and it's looking like I want to push that somewhere into the 130s so I have a nice cushion of a few pounds when I do go into maintenance. I'm not looking to sprint to the finish, but I feel like after 60+ pounds lost, I should have this down to a science! It was almost easier to resist temptations closer to the beginning than it is now. Lately I've had a few red velvet cupcakes, some ice cream, basically desserts are my indulgences... and thai food. Plus drinking. And I wonder why I'm losing slowly?
OK, new game plan. I WILL BEHAVE ON THE WEEKENDS! I don't care if I'm home, workouts in the morning. I will wake up at 9am on Thanksgiving to do Turbo Fire for an hour if I have to. I'm curbing my tendency to eat less than desirable food when out and about. I just need to start throwing Kashi bars in my purse for when I'm out and hungry so I don't snack on junk.  Drinking will be kept to a minimum! I'm saving it for special occasions for a while. As I say all this, I have my date tonight which will likely involve eating out, drinking, and not getting a morning workout in (well.... maybe there will be some sort of morning workout... teehee!). I'll just have to be as good as the situation allows. 
I think if I focus, I can get around 150 for Thanksgiving, which I actually have set as a Christmas goal. My unofficial Christmas goal is 145. That number still blows my mind, when at Christmas one year ago I weighed 200 pounds. I can almost steal my little sister's clothes! (She's  an athletic 130 pounds, same height as me, size 4/6 and small/medium).  So, skinny me will just be my Christmas gift to myself. 9.9 lbs to go! 3 solid weeks to try to get rid of 4.9 lbs. If I follow my rules every day of the week, I think I can do it! Will power don't fail me now!

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