Thursday, October 28, 2010

So I Got Into A Fight Last Night

It was an epic battle, really. There was bloodshed, there was drama... there was me and
Yep, my first exercise equipment FAIL/INJURY! To preface this story, i was not using proper form as shown in my Turbo Fire DVD. My lower body band has gone missing, so I substituted my resistance band, hooked the hard plastic handle onto my shoe, and pulled on the other end of the cord about halfway up to do a row with a leg stretch. After one rep, the plastic handle flew off the shoe... into my face.
Yep, I was ambushed!
The damage could have been worse I suppose, it hit me square in the cheekbone. Thank goodness it wasn't my eye or my mouth, I guess if it had to hit somewhere that was it. But my first instinct was to grab a frozen Vitatop muffin and put it on my face. Then I realized once I got to the bathroom, I'm bleeding. Awesome. Me and blood don't get along. Only a tiny cut, looked worse than it really was. Took care of that with some gauze and antiseptic gel and put a band aid on it.
Then I go back to icing my war wound. It didn't hurt a ton, but I was trying to make sure I didn't end up with a black eye. After a phone call later in the evening to the guy I'm seeing (i love saying that...) who told me exactly what to do (involving ibuprofen, a ice pack or bag of peas, more antiseptic and sleep), I felt better. So I went to bed, waking up quite a bit from the anxiety of the whole thing. And then I stumbled into the bathroom at 7am. And my fears were confirmed.
Or at least half of one, it's purple under my eye but only on the side near my nose. Lovely... makeup, concealer, more antiseptic (ditched the Nelly bandaid), and some eyeliner and I look decent but still... I HAVE A SHINER!  The guys at work are greatly amused, and by default said I should lie and say I was in the bar fight. As you all saw, my Halloween costume is a sexy sailor girl. I'm now gonna have to be a sexy sailor girl... who got in a bar fight at the bar on base or something... hahaha.

So in short, please follow the proper form and equipment recommendations when doing workout videos. Otherwise you will end up with a shiner. I detail my ordeal as a lesson to you all to respect the exercise band, and it won't punch you in the face :)

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