Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Birthday Reflections

Thinking back to my  birthday a year ago, I was still in school, still 215 lbs (although I probably had lost a couple pounds by then from stress and walking up The Slope every day), and I was still trying to find myself. I actually spent my birthday with my professor in Office Hours trying to finish a homework assignment... hahahaha. Such a typical engineer....I was fortunate to have a job offer locked in for the job I'm in now, but I had a long way to go still before graduation in December and starting life as a big kid... haha. And losing weight really wasn't on my mind, at all.
 My birthday today couldn't be any different. First off,  I hit my 155 minigoal, right on the nose at 155.0 lbs. ON TIME! WHOOT! Never done that with a minigoal before, they've all been a month late... haha. I'm really actually truly happy with myself, my lifestyle, my job, my social life, everything! Well, maybe not the state of my closet where half my clothes don't fi.... but that's a good problem to have :) 
I think the biggest change is my confidence. In general, I really am a confident person, in things that I believe in. I always was confident in my intelligence, so school was one of my strong points. And I was confident in my ability to sell myself in interviews, getting a job really wasn't too much of an issue. But then there was how I presented myself with people socially. I would get kinda shy, especially around guys. I just didn't believe in myself that someone else would find me attractive.  I never really committed to a relationship, mainly because I didn't think anyone would be interested. 
But now I think I'm finally confident.  FINALLY! It only took 24 years... haha. And I've realized that guys are more drawn to that than how I look. I mea, it doesn't hurt that I look better now.... hehe... but still. I'm convinced of it, and that's what's important! I'm not even where I want to be yet. I could stop now and be happy. But I want to be a healthy weight, and I've NEVER been a healthy weight in my life. And I'd love to be able to stand next to my size 4 sister and look the same size. And I'll get there.

I also made a committment yesterday to become a Beachbody Coach! I'm very excited, and I've already been sharing my love of Turbo Fire with everyone on here. Might as well make it a formal arrangement :) If anyone has questions or is interested in my becoming your Coach (you can sign up for a free membership under me), let me know! I'm awaiting my first Shakeology delivery next week.
And finally, thanks to all the people on MFP who have helped me. This is not a one woman job, I would never give up because I want to be an example to everyone on here that it can be done by ANYONE. It just takes some dedication, a good workout plan, and a healthy obsession... literally!

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