Thursday, October 14, 2010

(241) Days of Sara

Things Happen When You Least Expect It!
That seems to be the theme of the week for me. I admit, I'm a compulsive planner. I need to have everything mapped out in life. My food, my exercise, my errands, my closet, my apartment, my career, EVERYTHING. I need a game plan. I feel out of control without one. I live off of To-Do Lists and post it notes (seriously, I've been single-handedly supporting in the Post-It Note industry since high school). And this week, no amount of planning could have had the results that I've had.
First off, the reason we're all here... weight loss/getting healthy. The past week has been great in terms of eating right and staying way below my sodium every day. I've been around 1200 calories and it's really working for me (I'm hitting my 25% protein and fiber goals just about every day so it's a satisfying 1200 calories).  The result? I've gone from 160.2 lbs on Friday the 1st (just about 2 weeks ago) to 155.8 lbs this morning! 4.2 lbs in 2 weeks? WHATT??? I've been keeping up with exercise, but I'm making sure not to go too intense since I'm eating less. I don't want to fatigue myself. But that's probably the best 2 weeks I've had since I started and had quite a bit more weight to lose. My happy scale told me my BMI was 27.5 this morning, which is halfway between healthy and overweight! 15.8 lbs from my initial goal! FIFTEEN!! I never thought I'd see the day. I started really going for this in February at 200 lbs, unhappy, and in a COMPLETELY new environment with work starting and moving to Virginia. I took the drastic change as a chance to reinvent myself. Everything else was changing, why not my unhealthy habits?
The second unexpect thing that happened was that I finally met someone :) I went on the booze cruise last Saturday with the intention of making some new friends that I could go to happy hour or bars or something with, since I don't have a lot of friends in the area. And I did! I met 2 girls that live in my town and we're planning happy hour at some point. But, within the first 30 seconds , I met a guy (I kid you not, I walked up to the dock and found the two girls and him). And things really clicked. THAT I wasn't expecting! It was only my first event! I'm really excited with where things are going, but I don't want to get to ahead of myself yet :) I'm taking it a week at a time, we have plans for my birthday on Friday of next week. 
So basically this week has taught me to let the universe take over sometimes. I'm not a religious person, and I generally don't believe in fate, destiny, etc. I've always believed that you make your own path. But this week just reminded me that things really do happen for a reason. One of my favorite movies is 500 Days of Summer, and this whole week just reminds me of the message of that movie (I won't spoil it for anyone, but DEFINITELY go rent it or something!). So, for now I'm just gonna keep doing what I'm doing and see where it takes me. It's been working so far in everything that I do for the past 241 days (yep, I counted how many days since I made this change). A few course corrections along the way. My birthday should be an amazing one, between the date and being on track to hit my minigoal of 155. As long as the family wedding I'm going to this weekend doesn't derail any progress (I'm gonna be very careful).
And an update from the last blog, here's ME in my Halloween costume instead of some tiny model with implants. Personally, i think I look better ;)

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