Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Said New Years Resolutions Had To Start on January 1st?

I've already been thinking about New Years Resolutions, something that I've never really done in my entire life. I've been the type of person that if I wanted to change something, it started tomorrow, not January 1st. I did have a sort-of resolution last year to start losing weight and I did, but on Feb 15th once I had started my full-time job and relocated to Virginia for it. I've now lost 47 lbs since that day. And I hoped from last New Years Eve that I might be able to spend the next one with a boyfriend, and Randy and I have been going out since Oct 9th :) So, I've decided to make a few goals/resolutions to start right now to help me get rid of the last 15-ish pounds and put some things in perspective.
1.) EAT MORE! For most people, this isn't a problem that usually comes up. But for me, I admit I've been under my calories entirely too often, and not a little bit under. I had days where I came in around 1000. And dropping my calories that low worked for about 2 weeks when I lost like 4.5 lbs. And then it stopped dead. And I wondered why the scale wasn't moving, maybe it was the traveling or something. But no, I KILLED my metabolism! It couldn't survive daily workouts for 45-60 minutes AND 1000-1150 calories. So, I've changed my weight loss to 1 lb a week, which gives me 1270 calories and I'm eating all of them! And maybe even some exercise calories. I was eating all my calories before October, and I was losing steadily. Starvation mode is an ugly thing, and I'm never doing it again.
2.) Change up the exercise/intensity.  I'm nearing the end of Turbo Fire/Chalean Extreme hybrid. I have I think 6 weeks to go. So I'm planning to continue with that but I think I might need to incorporate running or something back into my routine. I've been avoiding the free gym in my office because I don't really like it and there are only 2 treadmills, one of which doesn't incline. So, I think I just need to suck it up and start going again 2 times a week, no excuses! Please hold me to this people... haha
3.) Focus on eating real, healthy, and fresh food. I admit, I'm a bad and lazy cook. I love things I can microwave in 3 minutes and eat. But I've been using Shakeology as a complete raplacement for protein with dinner and I'm going back to regular food I think. I'll still drink it a few times a week, but I can't swap a shake out for a real dinner. So I'm going to focus on having chicken or fish or some form of protein with a side of veggies for dinner. I was doing that and I was losing weight fine and getting enough protein and carbs and stuff. I'm going food shopping tonight to pick up a few things, lately my food shopping has been buying yogurt and soy milk and little else. Maybe getting a bit adventerous with cooking will help with eating better, because right now I'm just lazy.
4.) Take my time! I'd love to lose these 13 lbs to get me to 140 and a healthy weight in the next month, but it's not realistic. Given that I'm that close to a healthy weight, it's gonna come off slowly whether I like it or not. I admit I sabbotaged myself with eating too little and it's the reason I haven't lost more than a pound in the last month. But now I've got things back on track, and I'm shooting for 1 lb a week. That's it. At this pace, I'll reach my goal some time in February, which is what I wanted. Plenty of time to tone up, perhaps lose a little more, and let my skin bounce back before Spring and Summer and bikini wearing time!

So that's my gameplan, starting this week, not Jan 1st. Why waste 4 weeks of improving my habits and enjoying the holiday season. My goal is getting close, might as well start today :)

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