Friday, August 13, 2010

Lost: 50 Pounds, Found: Myself

Today I reached a crazy, monumental, I-never-thought-I'd-ever-get-here, holy crap milestone...
I started out in August of last year trying to eat a bit better and move a bit more. And then once I graduated from college and started my job in Feburary, I got into it 100% and found MFP. It's been almost 1 year to the day since I started and 50 pounds have disappeared. MFP has helped me immensely, since I've lost 35 pounds since getting on here 6 months ago. 
I was never really all that happy with how I looked, and it definitely affected everything else in my life. Not to mention, 4 years of excess everything in college (food, drinking, lack of sleep, stress, etc) didn't help the situation. Now that I have my job and I've really gotten to be an adult living on my own, all the excuses I used to make just weren't cutting it anymore. I don't have time... yes I do, I only work til 5:30 and then do nothing. I'm too tired... no I'm not, I get 8 hours of regular sleep now. I'm too lazy... well get off the couch! I don't want to pay for a gym... the office gym is FREE! 
Once I cleared all the excuses away, I realized that I was only cheating myself. I want to be happy with everything in my life, and my weight was one of the last things on my list.  If I started work sitting at a desk all day, I'd easily gain even more weight, and I was already unhealthy. Now that I've done this for 6 months, it's not an impossible task. I found willpower and determination and strength that I didn't realize I had, at least for this task. If I could push myself to get through college in one piece, I can totally do this too.
So now I'm looking forward to what is next. My goal is a mere 25 pounds away, that's only 1/2 of what I've already lost. I did it twice over, I can do it one more time. I'm down about 3 sizes in clothes, and closing in on the elusive Size 10. I really would like to be under 150 by Christmas. I've been tweaking things in the past few days since I let myself stray a little. I really can't wait for the day when I reach my goal, but today feels pretty awesome too. I don't know the last time I've really been happy about EVERYTHING in my life. It's a nice feeling...

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