Friday, August 20, 2010

1 Minigoal, 2 Weeks, 4 Pounds

I'd really love to hit a minigoal on time. It seems I always fall a pound or two short and it takes an extra 2 weeks. I've set them fairly conservatively too, but this summer has been busier than I planned. I do love having a social life, but its hard to combine losing weight and that! My friends are either in college or just out of college... so what do our gatherings entail? Drinking, bars, dancing, parties, eating. Ugh.... love it and hate it.
One of my little tweaks that I wanted to make to my current lifestyle was to cut back on drinking. Haven't quite followed through with that one. Bars last Saturday, 2 beers at Poker last night, going to an end-of-summer party tonight, wedding shower tomorrow. Oyyy... as much as I want to say no to it, I'm a social drinker and I like to have a few when I'm out with friends. They're always lowest calorie options possible, light beers and diet mixers, but the alcohol itself still slows down the weight loss. It's been less than a pound a week for a month because of it. Way less than usual.
At this point, I have 2 weeks left in the summer... and 2 weeks to my minigoal of being at 160 by Labor Day. I'm gonna need to figure out a balance so I might actually meet it. Here's my game plan
- Enjoy myself, but have fewer drinks. I'll still let myself drink, but have 1 or 2 instead of 3-5. That way my body takes a few hours to adjust back to burning fat instead of a day or two. And no hangovers... haha. I'll be visiting my best friend from Cornell in Phoenix over Labor Day, so I do want to be able to enjoy myself. And it's cheaper :D Aside from the fact that guys have been buying me drinks, that's really hard to say no to...
- I'm getting back from NJ on Tues. From that point until I leave for Phoenix, I will be on my best healthy behavior. Exercise EVERY day, no cheating with food, and hopefully no drinking or eating out. That should give me a chance to detox and drop a few pounds of water and hopefully fat. 
- Follow Chalean Extreme more closely. I've been slacking and skipping days, no more. I'm going to pick up with Week 4 of Burn when I get back from NJ. Planning to start Push when I'm back from Phoenix and stick to it exactly for the next 2 phases.
- Get more protein. I've just changed my ratios to 45% carb, 25% fat, 30% protein, and it's a challenge to get it all in. I've been hitting it the past 2 days since I started trying. I don't eat all my exercise calories, but more then 30% of the calories I did eat were protein. I'm kind of a carb-o-holic, so this will be a really good change to make.
-  Keep up my no junk food policy. I haven't touched my ice cream in a week! I bought yogurt and string cheese for snacks. I'll stock up when I get back on some fruit and cottage cheese. I don't really miss the junk, I have a small piece of chocolate (30 calories or so) when I really need a sweet tooth fix.

So there's my gameplan. It would be awesome to see 160 on the scale the day I leave for Phoenix. I'm already in a whole new territory for weight in my adult life, and for clothing sizes. I'm hoping to do some shopping this weekend for fall clothes and I want to wear Size 10 pants! I'm pretty much a medium in tops (minus the tummy I'm still working on), but it's a great improvement. This goal is possible, I'm just gonna really have to work for it :D 

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