Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If I Write It Down, I'll Feel Guilty If I Don't Do It

Lately, I'll be the first to admit I have been slightly slacking off. I'm blaming it on summer. And my best friend. My weekends have been filled from Friday night til Sunday it seems. Before my social life was revived, I was able to workout Friday, Sat. and Sun. no problem. Now if I get one of the three in I'm lucky. So I'm making a list of a few things that I need to focus on or starting doing better, so that way I feel responsible.
1.) Enjoy the last few weeks of summer... in a healthy way! I'm still going to hang out with my best friend, and visit family and friends on the weekend, but I'm going to make good choices when I do. Starting with cutting down on the drinking a bit. OK, maybe more than a bit. One or two drinks is OK, but lately I've been exceeding that whenever I go out. I've been eating pretty healthy when I'm out, so that's not too much of a problem.
2.) Work out at least 5 times a week... NO MATTER WHAT! I used to have no problem doing 6-7 days, but lately I've completely taken the weekends off. So this time, I have to work out at least one of the weekend days, if not 2. 
3.) Stop eating ice cream. It's still low calorie froyo, a reasonable 180 calories for a serving (and I really do eat one serving). But it's not a filling snack, it's not really a healthy snack, and it's not like it's been an occasional treat. I just checked my food diary. I ate ice cream like 4 times last week! So, I'm not buying any more of it until I can keep myself from eating it every single day just because it's in my fridge. It's too much of a weakness.
4.) Work on getting more protein. I think part of the reason I've had an issue with being hungry at night and eating multiple snacks is that I'm not getting enough protein. So I'm adding a protein shake in after workouts. And I'm going to focus on eating more protein in general. I worked on my fiber for the past few weeks and got it up to 25g a day. Now protein is my next mission.
5.)  Drink more water when I'm not at work. I'm fine sitting at a desk with a Nalgene bottle all day. But when I'm home or on the weekends, I definitely don't drink enough.

That's all I can think of for now, but I think it's a good start to making some improvements. My weight loss has definitely slowed down the past few weeks (hasn't stopped, but 1 lb a week is low for me), so I'm doing something now about it. I still have 3 1/2 weeks to lose 6 pounds to reach my goal of 160 by Labor Day. Hopefully this will get things going so I can hit that goal.

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