Friday, January 4, 2013

Shopaholic Meets Foodaholic

I'm starting to realize that my lack of control with eating goes way beyond food. I have the exact same problem with shopping! Its not like I'm completely oblivious to either issue, I have a account for budgeting every dollar I spend and I keep a food diary on MFP. However, I go over more often than not and there's not deterrant for it. The scale goes up and my bank account goes down.

For being a control freak, I don't like that I get out of control with both issues. It's a very "in the moment" sort of thing, self-gratification instantly. I want that dress, so I buy it. Victoria Secret has their sale, so I buy yet another bra to add to the 2 drawers I already have full of them. Or I'll eat a few cookies because a coworker brought them in.

Either way, the consequences aren't making me stop and think about what I'm doing. There is no NEED for any of it! I don't need cookies to live, I don't need yet another dress or purse or something. It was just Christmas! I did need the new running shoes, but that's about it. Makeup is another addiction of mine, I counted 53 eyeliners last night in my collection. I know... I'm nuts.

So, my solution to both problems is to tie them together! No shopping without being a reward for doing something right! I have a trip to visit my bff in Arizona at the end of the month, and I'd like to be able to go shopping together without blowing my budget. So... here's the plan.

By time I leave for my trip (Friday, January 25th), I want to accomplish the following goals. For each one I do, I get to buy one thing with my friend.

1. Get under 170 lbs. I'm right around 174 after the holidays, so that's about a pound a week. Doable!

2. Complete at least 4 Insanity workouts each week. This gives me some leeway for a gym day.

3. Log my food daily, and yes that means weekends! I never log on the weekends anymore and I'm pretty sure that's a major reason I'm having issues. I'm just not accountable for it.

4. No beer allowed during the week. This is a major source of calories and while a beer or two on a weekend day isn't bad, there's no real reason for one during the week.

I think these are achieveable and should help make some progress with the scale and my budget! In between now and then, no extraneous shopping! No makeup, no going crazy in Victoria secret, no bored online shopping. I have a stack of giftcards from Christmas and such that I can use if I need something specific (Macy's, Kohls and Express, so that has me decently covered). Of course I pick the month after Christmas with all the good sales to do this... but it's time to get things under control. I hate feeling out of control and lately it's been stressing me out. I'm not happy with myself, but I keep going back to my old habits with comfort food (and beer) and shopping. Hopefully this helps get me motivated again!

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  1. Maybe the same way we don;t keep junk food in the house anymore (prob get rid of the beer midweek-at least take it out of the fridge so it's warm) don't go shopping unless it's for something specific, that you NEED! I don't own a SINGLE eyeliner...