Friday, January 11, 2013

A Week of Progress

A skinny ass wasn't built in a day, but in a week I've managed to get things going down the right path again.

I started Insanity last Friday and I've done 4 workouts total in it. Definitely a butt-kicker in a good way! I've been easing into it so I'm not too sore to function, but so far I've really liked it. I admit, I have never cursed so much at an on-screen workout instructor in my life as I do with Shaun-T, hahaha. But I keep going.

My awesomeness continued this morning with a loss of 1.3 lbs for the week! WHOOT! I'm down to 172.6, so I'm hoping that I can manage to match that amount the next 2 weeks before I leave for Phoenix to visit my friend. That would put me just under 170 for my goal. It's definitely been a week of detoxing from all the crap and booze I drank over Christmas and New Years. I'm not starving all the time at least from the reduced calories now. I shifted my meals around and added a banana with lunch and went back to chicken breast and veggies for dinner. Much more filling! Which reminds me, I really need more vegetables... my sweet potatoes were brown and icky.

So for my 4 goals, here's the official progress, for every thing I complete I get to buy something with my friend in Arizona!:

1. Get down to 170 by Friday, Jan. 25th - I went from 173.9 lbs to 172.6 lbs this week, so I'm on track!

2. No beer during the week! - Honestly, I haven't had a single beer since New Years Eve! That massive hangover put Randy and I off beer for a while, and last weekend I drank sake at the Hibachi place and then had a mixed vodka and Sprite Zero drink. Tonight there will be NO BEER with my movie at home! If I really want something, I have like, 4 oz of wine left in a bottle in the fridge to sip with the movie.

3. Do Insanity at least 4 times a week - On track! I did it Mon-Wed, skipped it last night because I got home at 7 after running errands after work (and came home to a dead Keurig coffee machine), and I'm doing it tonight. Depending on when I go to Randy's in the morning, I might try to squeeze one more in!

4. Log ALL MY FOOD! - Done! I logged over the weekend and I plan to keep it up! It actually helped a lot to see the food in my diary and keep a mental tally of what I can eat throughout the day. Defnitely a missing piece in the puzzle.

So, I'm happy with progress. So far 2013 has been kind of sucky, so at least this is going in the right direction for me. It's going to be a nice weekend so I fully plan to get out and get some fresh air and exercise!

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