Wednesday, January 30, 2013

So This Is Harder Than I Thought!

A month after I set some goals to do Insanity, lose weight, and improve my habits, I'm having issues. The scale is UP! My clothes definitely don't fit better. And I'm still having issues getting everything going in the right direction at the same time.

My basic goals were to get down to 170 (from 173.5), do Insanity 4 times a week, log daily, and not drink beer during the week by last Friday (when I left for a weekend trip). Of all that, I'm happy that I did manage to log daily and I didn't drink at all Sundays-Thursdays during that time. I didn't really drink that much to be honest. But the scale went down to 172.5 and then promptly back up and stayed between 173-175 for the next 2 weeks. And the last 2 weeks I only got to do Insanity 3 days a week. This clearly isn't going to be enough!

I've noticed my eating hasn't been crazy on calories, but it could be healthier food. There's a big difference between 1300 calories of junk or takeout and 1500 calories of healthy stuff. So, I'm starting there. I already grocery shopped and picked up bananas to eat with lunch, baby carrots and hummus for snacks, and chicken breast and sweet potatoes for dinner.

The other issue is my workouts. I have a love/hate relationship with Insanity (and Shaun T, who I bitch out on a regular basis when he tells me to get moving). It does kick my butt, but it is a lot of cardio and I haven't been able to do it as often as I wanted. I keep going back to the fact that lifting put me in the best shape I've been in. I was able to eat more, my shape was much improved from the added muscle and less body fat, and I just felt better. Powerful even. So, I'm going back to my roots, so to speak. Alternating strength days with cardio days by combining Insanity and New Rules of Lifting for Women. I'm already through almost 3 weeks of Insanity, so this will just stretch out the 60 day schedule. My initial plan is Insanity Mon, Wed and Fri or Saturday morning and then lifting at the gym Tues and Thurs. Depending on how it goes, I might reverse it to 3 lifting days and 2 cardio days, but for now I'll start this way.

And of course, I'm gonna need some more goals to help me along the way. I'm giving myself the month of February, since I don't really have any major events until my friend's wedding in May to aim for. But monthly is how I'd do it before, so I'm sticking to it. March 1st is my goal deadline for this month.

1. Get down to under 170 lbs - Right now I'm sitting at 175. And I hate it. I also had a lot of sodium the pst 2 days from traveling, so that's also not helping. Either way, that's a little over a pound a week if I can keep things moving in the righte direction.

2. Stick to my 5 workouts a week plan, initially with 3 Insanity days and 2 NROLFW days - I'm leaving myself some leeway to reverse the number of lifting and cardio days, but either way, I'm shooting for 5 workouts a week. I've been avoiding the gym entirely during the month of January, so hopefully everyone has given up on their resolutions by now and it's less crowded. The exception will probably be the week of Valentines Day, since it's on a Thursday. I'll probably only get 4 in that week.

3. Keep logging daily, EVEN ON THE WEEKENDS! - That did help me stay accountable and I ate less junk with that in mind. So I'm sticking to it.

4. Replace processed foods and snacks with healthier ones where possible - I still really like my protein bars as afternoon snacks, but adding in carrots and bananas are a good way to eat less processed foods. 

Thinking in the future, I'd LOVE to be under 160 by my friend's wedding, and that gives me 3 months to do it. And honestly, I'm not super focused on the number. If weight lifting can get my body fat percenage down again, I'm flexible with where the scale ends up. I just really want all the jeans stacked in my closet to fit again!!!! I honestly infuriates me when I try on a pair of jeans that fit perfectly fine last spring only to find that they're giving me a disgusting amount of muffin top. It makes me never want to eat again. But, I just have to work to get back into the jeans. I need to save money anyway so new ones aren't allowed.

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