Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cupcakes in the Gym

Who in their right mind brings CUPCAKES to a GYM??? My personal trainer, that's who! I finished my 30 minutes with him, a hot sweaty mess because we used the rowing machine and did a circuit twice with a weighted bar (27 lbs no less!) I walk over to the PT area and what do I see... all of the trainers... EATING RED VELVET CUPCAKES! That my trainer brought in!

Can we just take a minute to appreciate red velvet cupcakes and their cream cheese frosting delicious? 

Ok, back to the issue. I get these trainers are ripped and toned and the ideal weight and body composition. But do they really need to eat cupcakes in front of the less than ideal clients? I looked at them and flatly said "that is how I got fat!" And then I checked my heart rate monitor watch.

442 calories burned.That's about one really icing-loaded cupcake, right?

And I felt better because instead of having junk and eating a cupcake like I might have in the past (not that my trainer would let me anyway), I burned off every single calorie that one would contain. And my muscles benefited from it in the process. AND I had a good calorie deficit for the day.

I thought about that cupcake while pounding out 2 miles on the elliptical in 19m 20s. And when I got home and had my healthy dinner and evening snack. Sometimes it's nice to work hard for a reward, like a cupcake or a treat. But it's even better to work hard for the reward of not giving in and moving on! I'm trying to get down to 145 this month, after messing up my entire July and going from 147 to 150 again. And that incident convinced me that I've got the willpower this time. There are better rewards out there than a cupcake, like...

- Looking hot in my bikini, not just decent
- Being in better shape than people the same weight as me
- FINALLY making progress towards my goal weight, after nearly a year and a half on MFP and stalling out since January.
- Being completely comfortable in my skin, instead of 90% of the way there

So, next time you are presented with a cupcake, think of what it represents! For me, it's all the demons with food I still deal with, but I'm learning to take control of. So next time I'm in a situation where my trainer isn't hauling me away from the cupcake and sticking me on the elliptical, I'll have the same resolve to say NO!


  1. I totally agree, there is nothing wrong with the occasional treat, but trainers should not be eating that in front of their clients. Some people can be triggered into a binge by seeing something like that. They should have a lunch room or break room to have those things. Good work on looking on the positive side of things.

  2. WOW! Your resolve and understanding of your own needs/abilities is impressive. Way to go!!