Monday, June 13, 2011

The Secret To Weekend Success

This weekend I ate out at restaurants twice, had a 32 oz beer, and only worked out once. And I managed to stay the exact same weight from Friday morning until this morning (including Sat. and Sun!).

So, how is that possible!? Drinking, eating out, not getting several workouts in... it should be a recipe for disaster! But I think I've figured things out. It just took a bit of planning and some will power.

First off: restaurants. I had lunch at the deliciously horrible for you Cheesecake Factory. And I spent a good 10 minutes with my MFP app scouring the menu for something I could eat. I settled on a Chinese Chicken salad lunch sized portion, and I didn't even eat it all (HUGE salad). And I drank water. So that was one meal/temptation out of the way. I passed on the cheesecake. And I skipped getting gelato at the mall like I usually do. Plus we walked around after lunch for a while in the mall.

Then dinner, Randy and I went to a seafood place for dinner and I got grilled rockfish with potatoes, green beans and a small hush puppy (yummy treat!). And 32 oz of beer! Hahaha... yep... I went for the beer, but balanced it out with a yummy and really healthy dinner. I'd say my plate was around 400-500 calories at most. No oil or anything on the fish, veggies weren't covered in butter. And no dessert... haha

As for exercise, I really wanted to go to the pool, so I went on Sunday morning and tanned (and burned... haha) and sort of paddled around the pool, but nothing really for a good workout. So I decided to take my lazy butt to the gym! I went around 4pm on a Sunday and got a 2 mile interval run in, plus 1 mile of walking on an incline. It felt good to balance my day out with a workout, since I only walked around the mall Saturday.

And then, this morning, the scale said 148.5! First off... I've been below 150... and 149!!! since Friday morning. MIRACLE! And this is the longest I've really been in the 140s (5 days running). So, it is possible to survive a "normal" weekend with a few adjustments. And now I'm in a much better position for the week, perhaps I'll be able to record more than 1 lb of a loss! Right now I'm a pound below my Thursday weigh in. And the fact that I declared 150 my goal has only helped. These are bonus pounds. Not too sure what I'm going to do with my ticker... I want to leave it at 150, but who knows if I actually keep losing weight. Perhaps I'll just leave it as a reminder that I've already met my goals, the rest is just icing on the low-calorie cake :)

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