Friday, June 10, 2011

A Curious Thing

So one week ago today, I had a revelation that I was really at my goal weight of 150. And it felt soooo liberating! I wasn't freaking out over the scale, I even forgot to weigh that morning. And I didn't regret my choice one bit. I'm happy and healthy and I look pretty darn good in almost anything I want to wear (except skimpy bikinis, I stick to the slightly more modest/fuller coverage ones).
Anyway, a curious thing happened this week. The scale started moving downward! And I know it's for the bajillionth time that it tipped below 150, but it felt different from the times before. The pressure wasn't there! I didn't feel the need to go crazy to stay at that point, or cut out things I enjoy or skip a meal or something to make up for it. And my workouts have been a little more low key (more stength, less cardio). For the first time, I looked at my calves and instead of seeing chunky huge calves that won't fit in regular sized boots, I saw insanely toned, muscular calves that look damnnnn good in a pair of heels. No goal weight can tell me that!

But even as I saw 148.3 lbs on the scale this morning (I'm hungover and dehydrated... lol, don't expect that to stick), I didn't run on here to frantically log it and convince myself that its not a fluke and it won't go back up. If it does, so what? I was good with my food and workouts all week, even when it's been hot, and I had a 5K race last Sunday (35:26, new PR!). Maybe setting my goal weight at 150 is freeing up my brain and reducing the stress it was causing me. Maybe THAT'S the missing piece in breaking my plateau/maintenance issue.

So, I'm still happy the scale is below 150. But I'm also OK if/when it bounces back up again. And maybe, just maybe I can break my streak and get it to stay below that point and keep moving downwards. I'm at a good point in my weight loss journey where I'm at a healthy weight (not quite according to the BMI scale but I've never been a fan of that thing anyway). So moving forward are just bonus cosmetic/vanity pounds. No one is gonna tell me I look worse for losing a few more, and yes, it'll make me even happier, but I'm not putting all my hopes on a number anymore. Just yesterday I noticed how a dress looked noticeably better when I wore it for the first time than when I bought it over a month ago. The scale can't always tell you when that happens :)

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