Tuesday, June 7, 2011

66 Reasons to Celebrate Weight Loss

I saw a fabulous message board post yesterday by jnchorn (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/258076-131-reasons-weight-loss-is-worth-it) and I was inspired to create my own list of 66 Reasons Why Weight Loss Was Worth It! One for every pound that I have lost since I started this whole thing back in August 2009 (and with MFP in February 2010). So, here goes my list!

1. Shopping is way more fun when you can pick a size off the shelf or a regular store and know it will fit. And the fact that the size is a 6 or 8 or small or medium, instead of 16 or XXL.
2. I finally got a boyfriend, after not dating in college because I was too shy and didn't feel attractive. And we've been going out for 8 months now.
3. I don't run out of breath walking up 2 flights of stairs to my office.
4. My favorite part of the day (most of the time) is my workout.
5. I don't feel like I'm taking up more than my alotted seat on a bus or metro or airplane.
6. My boyfriend (and my little sister... haha) can pick me up.
7. I can play kickball without looking like the overweight, out of shape, and therefore not very good teammate.
8. My kickball team tshirt was a size Adult Small... and it was too big in the waist.
9. I'm addicted to 5Ks (as you found out in my last blog).
10. Running a mile is easy peasy, not an insurrmountable challenge.
11.And running it under 11 minutes has become something I can do, not wish I could do. Next up is 10:30!
12. My brain automatically searches for the healthy food on a menu, not the unhealthy stuff.
13. I can drink 2 beers/drinks and be good to go. Being a lightweight for drinking is awesome for my wallet! (and my boyfriend's wallet, haha).
14. I can wear heels! My feet shrunk, there's less weight pushing on my feet, and I'm not a wide in most shoes anything. I've never been comfy in heels in my entire life.
15.  I weigh less than all my guys friends... except Joey, who weights 118 and I'll never weigh less than him... haha.
16. People have trouble telling my sister and I apart. She's always been skinny so it was easy to tell us apart from a distance or after not seeing us for years. Now, our relatives and friends are quite confused at times.
17. I can buy bikinis and not get weird looks from the salespeople.
18. And I can go to the pool in my bikini and get head turns for how good I look, not how I'm too heavy to be at the pool in a bikini.
19. My friends think of me as the Health Guru and come to me for advice on weight loss, food, workouts, everything.
20. I can wear tight, hot dresses for special occasions.
21. I'm not tired all the time, I have so much energy I don't know what to do it with.
22. And I only need 1 cup of coffee in the morning because of all that extra energy. Not the 2-3 I was gulping down daily.
23. I'm actually considered petite, since I am only 5'2.5", now my weight matches my height!
24. I can stop at one small ice cream or one cookie, no more eating the whole package.
25. My doctor almost fell over when she saw me last August after losing 50 lbs since my last visit. And said I was in "great shape" and "good health".
26. Running is fun, not a mean thing that gym teachers make me do.
27. I can wear shorts and not freak out that my legs look like tree trunks.
28. My cousin brags that I "lost her"... aka I've lost over 60 lbs and that's what she weighs.
29. I can race that same cousin (who is tiny and fast) and not die from lack of breath at the end.
30. I'm breaking the trend of obesity in my mom's side of the family.
31. I NEVER use the elevator if I'm going up less than 4 floors.
32. I get free drinks from the bartenders at my kickball bar.
33. I actually enjoy doing things outdoors with my boyfriend, like hiking or walking around DC.
34. I NEVER have to worry about being too big to fit in the seat of an amusement park ride.
35. When Chalene Johnson tells me "YOU ARE NOT TIRED!" towards the end of one of her insane workout DVDs, I actually agree with her.
36. My skin has relaly cleared up in the last year. It used to be a mess, now it's pretty clear most of the time.
37. Shaving my legs takes less time because there is less of me!
38. My calves are toned and muscular instead of chunky, but I still need to buy wide calf boots. I don't think that will ever change.
39. My muffin top is shrinking quite a bit. Not all the way gone, but getting there.
40. I can steal my sister's clothes! She's a size 4, so not quite her pants, but I can borrow jackets and tops.
41. I got to replace my wardrobe with awesome, cute, and stylsh smaller clothes, instead of hiding under clothes that could pass as maternity. (and no, I've never been pregnant, haha).
42. I prefer to get up on a weekend morning to workout than sleep in til noon.
43. I don't have to worry about any diseases related to obesity now, especially since diabetes runs in my family.
44. I enjoy organized sports for the first time in my life (aka kickball.... haha).
45. I have tons of confidence.
46. I'll talk to anyone without feeling shy or awkward.
47. I prefer to be outside and moving around than sitting on my couch all day.
48. I actually know how to cook food that is yummy and good for you. I had issues with cooking until recently...
49. I don't hide from a camera.
50. The scale is sometimes my enemy, but I don't dread seeing the number on it anymore.
51. I'm comfortable in my own skin.
52. I don't just "have a pretty face". I have the hot body to match it :)
53. My chubby cheeks have finally slimmed down and I don't squint when I smile anymore.
54. I rarely untag Facebook photos because I hate how I look. Instead I'm hunting for pictures to tag so people can see how I look.
55. i can fit into expensive designer brands that always ran small and even the biggest size didn't fit me.
56. I don't mind telling people what I weigh, I'm not afraid of the number.
57. I have a hot hourglass shape now, 36-28.5-36.
58. I prefer a nice homemade lunch to fast food, even if it means passing on going out with my coworkers to eat. I'd rather be healthy.
59. If I try something on and it doesn't fit, chances are it's too big, not too small!
60. I love blogging about my journey, not hiding behind it.
61. I get to meet tons of people with goals and ideas like mine! Namely on MFP, but also at Kickball or 5K races or among my friends.
62. I actually got my boyfriend to say "maybe I'll give running a try with you" and he HATES to run.
63. When the time comes, I won't have to worry about losing a ton of weight for a wedding. I'll already be about where I want to! Much easier for dress shopping... haha
64. Same goes for when I want kids. Weight won't be an issue in trying to get pregnant. NOT for a while tho!!! I'm 24! haha
65. And i'll be around to see those kids grow up and have their own kids.
66. For the first time in pretty much my whole life, I'm 110% happy about EVERYTHING! my body, my job, my boyfriend, my family/friends... everything :)

Now I challenge you to try to come up with your own list!!!

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