Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little By Little

I really miss the days where my Friday weigh ins would yield a 2 lbs loss and I'd jump around in my bathroom. On this past Friday, I had a 0.3 lb loss, and I still jumped around. Because that's 0.3 lbs more than I've had in the last 2 months! 
I'm taking this as a sign that things might actually be working for me. I've been focusing on getting at least 100g of protein a day, most of it comes from my dinner and a post-workout protein shake, but I'm focusing on going for the less-carby options during the day too. I've finally managed to get my net calories for the day closer to 1000 instead of arond 500-600. It seems counterintuitive, but sometimes eating more is hard! I don't want to eat crap, but things like peanut butter, protein shakes, and granola bars help to add in some healthy calories.
I've also managed to get a little better when eating out, I still have my beer, but I've gone for the salad option with it (and a decent salad, not one with 1000 hidden calories). Plus i had an active weekend with tons of walking. The end result is that I'm already 0.1 lbs below my Friday weigh in, with 3 more days to go! And I don't have any plans for this weekend for eating out or drinking, I'm going to behave (my boyfriend has his mom visiting so I won't see him).

And little by little, things are getting better. I'm still working on the challenges with my running. I really need to try a dairy-free day or at least take my lactaid pills when I eat ANY dairy. It seems that my lactose intolerance is acting up and even cheese on my sandwich yesterday gave me a stomach ache. The problem is that I like eating dairy for the protein, yogurt and string cheese are my favorites. So, I'll have to stock up on lactaid pills. It seems if it's not one thing its another.
Also with my running, it's getting easier to run at higher speeds. I ran for 5 minutes at 5.5 mph twice yesterday on the treadmill. I've never run that fast for that long before. I also did run out of steam 3K into my attempted 5K and walked the rest of it. But hey, I finished! Even though I was incredibly frustrated and not breathing well and everything. I was officially diagnosed with Exercise Asthma yesterday (follow up appt with a breathing test from my consultation) and I have a prescription for an inhaler now.

So after all the challenges I've had in the past 3 months, I'm gonna start off April right. All is not lost, I still have 2 months until summer, I've bought quite a few amazing and adorable summer dresses to wear, and I WILL be rocking a bikini once my pool opens in June. I'm hoping I'll be at least moving closer to 140 at that point. I don't know if magically I'll lose 10 lbs by then, but if I'm consistantly losing even half a pound a week, it's progress in the right direction! 

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