Friday, December 3, 2010

25 Things About Me

A few MFP friends have done this recently, and I've done it once before on Facebook, but since you all don't really know me in person, I figured I'd share a bit more about myself that I don't talk about regularly on here. So, here's 25 things about me, not necessarily weight-loss or health related, just some :
1.)  I've never been a healthy weight in my entire life. I found a picture of myself in kindergarten and I was chubby. I remember not wanting to go to jazz class when I was 10 because I looked bad in a leotard. Part of it is definitely genetics/bad habits my parents passed on growing up. Lots of fast food, and overweight mother, not a ton of exercise, basically setting myself up for being overweight. Then when I got to high school and college, I didn't know how to eat healthy, and I definitely didn't make time to exercise. It was really only a revelation I had when I moved out on my own, away from my family to a new state, that I got my act together.
2.) I'm a NERD! I mean really nerdy. My eyes light up and I get all excited talking about space stuff, the Apollo program, satellites, science articles, anything. I've been an astronomy nut since I was in 1st grade and I could read kids science books for myself. My favorite movie is Apollo 13 and my favorite vacation was when i saw the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
3.) I used to be a really picky eater (stemming from my parents' picky eating), but lately my best friend Joey has forced me to eat new foods and I'm better now. I now eat seafood (and LOVE it), raw sushi, mushrooms, more types of meat/steak, and a bunch of other  foods I never dreamed of touching before. And they taste good! And most of them are really healthy foods too.
4.) I love living alone. I need to have my own space that I can control and have the way i want it. And I hate sharing a fridge and bathroom. 
5.) I've been driving the same car (1997 nissan altima) since I was 16 (now I'm 24) and I'm gonna keep driving it until it decides to die I think. I'll give it one more year and hopefuly by then I can afford a new one. I'm saving up now!
6.)  I've come to love high heeled shoes. I never could wear them until recently after I lost a lot of weight. My feet were too wide and they just hurt. Now with some foam tape in the back to protect my heels, I love wearing them. They hurt a bit if I try to walk too much in them, but at least I'm not 10 inches shorter than my boyfriend.
7.) Speaking of my boyfriend, I guess I can kinda call him that now. We've been dating for just about 2 months and he's the first actual relationship I've ever had. I never dated in college, just random encounters and such, but no one I'd say I was in a relationship with. I'm really like this in comparison to someone who's only around for one night.
8.) I have OCD. Not the kind where I wash my hands every 2 seconds, but I have littler quirks. My closet is organized by color and type of clothing. I can only turn the TV volume up in increments of 2 and 5. I LOVE things to be neat and orderly. I didn't realize i was somewhat OCD til I was 20 and my mom told me that she knew since I was a little kid... haha.
9.) I've always envied my little sister because she was skinny and had no trouble with guys. Now I'm almost the same size as her, only weigh 20 pounds more, and we both have boyfriends. But growing up, I was jealous.
10.) I landed my dream job right out of college. I knew it was possible but it would be hard work. And I definitely had a little luck on my side. It was even in the area of the country I really wanted.
11.) I'm not really a redhead... haha. I dye my hair, but it's a medium brunette color. But since I'm Irish, I can pull it off without anyone noticing.
12.) I went to All Girls Catholic High School. Yep... ALL GIRLS! It wasn't horrible, I was pretty into my schoolwork and the Yearbook staff. But I definitely missed out on having guy friends. Now, I hang out with guys more than girls, I work with all guys, and I prefer guys actually. Girls are mean and have drama, so I'm really picky with girl friends. I adore my guy friends and they're great to talk to.
13.) I wish I had more money to travel. I do save some each month for plane tickets to see friends and such, but I mean travel like Europe or other parts of the US. And now that I'm dating someone, I'd have a travel buddy. We just collectively need to win the lottery to be able to go all the places we want to go. We might do Disney World next year.... haha
14.) I'm in general a really outgoing and bubbly person, but I've become WAY more so with the weight I've lost. My confidence is the best it's been, and it shows.
15.) I have a bit of an obsession with Coach purses.... I own like 6 of them, all bought at discounts or from the outlet mall or as gifts. My favorite is my hot pink large purse that I use every day, and my little teal one for going out at night.
16.) I'm still a bit addicted to the game website Neopets. It's probably aimed at 12 yera olds, but I've been playing it since I was 14 (my account is like 10 yeras old) and it's fun to pass the time.
17.)  I LOVE TO SHOP. And having a much smaller body to buy clothes for has only fueled the fire. 
18.) I'm really close to my grandparents on my dad's side. They babysat me every day when my parent's worked growing up, and I attribute a lot of who I am today to them.
19.) I'm not much of a cook, but I'm learning. Until this week, I had never in my life cooked raw fish or chicken for myself. Turns out if it's defrosted, I can throw it in a glass pan with veggies (roasted red potatoes that I cut up and seasoned) and leave it to bake for 20 minutes. Who knew it was so easy?!?!
20.) I have SUCH a sweet tooth. I'd rather kill my claories for the day eating ice cream or red velvet cake than have a gross greasy cheeseburger and fries. If you look at my diary, it's definitely healthy meals and some yummy desserts and treats.
21.) I have designed things/worked on things that are being launched into space. The first thing I ever worked on for a small student satellite project at Cornell, is going to launch next year sometime. I wrote some flight code for it.
22.) For being an engineer, I wasn't very good at Calculus and Physics in college. I hated the subjects and didn't get great grades. At least in my job now, I never have to do any of that... haha.
23.) I have a pretty big family. On one side my cousins are ages 6 months to 17 years old (my sister and I are the oldest). On the other side the cousins are ages 11 (a cousin's kid) to almost 40 years old. It's nice having a big extended family and they almost all live in Jersey.
24.) I've never seen a scary/horror movie in my life. I HATE THEM. I don't enjoy being scared, I don't like gory movies, I don't ever want to see one. The Disney movie Hocus Pocus scares me still. 
25.) I never really drank coffee until I started having to cover the 8am meetings every day at work. That was starting in Sept. Now I drink 2 cups a day and I'm experimenting with all the yummy kinds out there. And it keeps me awake, which is nice... haha

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