Friday, July 16, 2010

Things I Didn't Do 30 Pounds Ago

 I've been thinking of how different things are than they were 30 pounds (or 45 pounds) ago and it's amazing how many changes there are! Mental, appearance, fitness, everything is different! My best guy friend saw me for the first time since Memorial Day last night and he was AMAZED how different I look from just losing 10 more pounds. So I've come up with a list of things I didn't or couldn't do 30 pounds ago (45 if I'm counting all the way from the beginning of this in August 2009) that I can do now that I'm 169.4 lbs.

  • Run a mile on the treadmill without stopping (heck, running on the treadmill at ALL is a huge accomplishment compared to old me)
  • Do an hour long Zumba class without getting winded or tired
  • Walk up 2 flights of stairs without being out of breath at the top
  • Fit into size 10 jeans! (they're still a bit snug)
  • Fit into size 12 clothes! My current size and I've never worn less than a 14 before
  • Wear size small and medium tops
  • WEAR A BIKINI! That is probably one of the most exciting things. I'm not afraid to go to the pool in it, even though I still have more weight to lose
  • Do the entire 30 Day Shred workout without stopping or wanting to throw up... I tried to do it back when I weighed 215 pounds and I couldn't even finish and I was STILL sore!
  • Buy clothes in pretty much any store that I want
  • Wear tight tops and jeans without looking horrible
  • Wear mini skirts
  • Go up to a guy at a bar and talk to him with confidence instead of being too shy to even say hello
  • Have my little sister pick me up (she's strong, but she wasn't strong enough before I lost weight)
  • Walk around at the pool in a swimsuit and not constantly think that people are staring at me (for bad reasons). I'm fine with them staring because I'm hot :P
  • Actually consider myself hot... haha
  • Walk down the ice cream aisle in Safeway and only get low fat froyo or skinny cow ice cream
  • Order something healthy off a restaurant menu instead of giving into temptation to order the cream-covered, calorie filled, fried option
  • Drink responsibly and stick to rum and diet cokes 90% of the time
  • Dance on a dancefloor at the bar without being self-conscious
  • Feel comfortable in my own skin!!!!
That's a really long list.. and I'm sure there are tons more that I'm not thinking of. Feel free to share your own "Things I Couldn't Do Before I Lost X Pounds"! Seeing other success is motivation to continue with my own. My next step is another 30 pounds to be a healthy weight for the first time ever, and to run 5k.

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