Friday, September 10, 2010

Plateau Busted! And a Few Thoughts on Measuring Progress

I'd say this was short, by MFP plateau standards. 3-4 weeks bouncing between 164 and 166. I think it's safe to say I won't be seeing those numbers again. My glorious new body fat scale told me I weighed in at 162.9 lbs this morning!
And more telling, I think, is the body fat percentage change that I've seen. I bought my new scale 2 weeks ago from tomorrow. My body fat was 33.4% when I started, and this morning it was 33.1%. I've only lost a pound in those 2 weeks. It definitely helps me to see that sticking with the higher protein and the weight training has been successful. My weight loss has definitely slowed in the month that I've been doing this (to a grinding halt... lol), but the scale is just a number. Body fat is really what dictates how good I look. I could be 163 lbs and an amorphous blob with no muscle tone. However, I'm a comfortable size 10 in pants, a small or medium in most shirts, and I have muscle tone. It's hidden still in some areas, but continuing with my plan will take care of that over time.
It's definitely not a race to see my goal weight on the scale. Maybe I'll decided I don't even want to keep pushing to see 140 on the scale. But for now that's my target, a healthy weight for the first time in my entire life. Being healthy is really the key in everything that we do. Better food, better habits, better exercise all equals results on so many levels. Weight, body fat, measurements, energy level, nutrition, blood tests, mood, how hot my clothes look on me... teehee. I think I just get a bit happier when I see new results for any of these. It's the push that keeps me going day to day. Especially when I wear my new small clothes. I'll be taking some pictures of what I bought this weekend, I'll definitely post them on here :) I went a tinyyyy bit crazy at the outlet mall with my best friend this past weekend.

Until then, don't forget to track your progress as many ways as possible! When the scale is stuck, the body fat might be going down, or you can put on your skinny jeans again, or you get taken off your blood pressure meds. All of it is worth celebrating as much or even more than a pound lost!

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