Monday, May 9, 2011

Does Clothing Size Really Matter?

I bought size 4 jeans from Tommy Hilfiger this weekend! And last weekend I bought size 13 crop pants from Macys juniors dep't... clothing sizes can drive a girl absoutely nuts. Especially a girl who has already lost a lot of weight and is trying not to focus all my energy on the numbers. The scale is already stressful enough, clothing sizes shouldn't be too. I'm usually a size 6 or 8, depending on the store, but I've bought quite the assortment of sizes, and everything fits!
And you wanna know something really shocking. That purple dress that I'm totally rocking in my profile picture, it's a size 14! Yes, FOURTEEN! I almost didn't want to buy it because of that (this was back in January), but does it looks like a size 14? Helllll no.
But I've started to realize something. It doesn't matter too much what the clothing size is, it all depends on how you look in them! Do I really look any different in size 6 jeans than size 8 jeans? Or a size 10 dress versus a size 6 dress? I'd bet most people couldn't guess my size correctly just based on how I look and not knowing what I weight, my body fat percentage, etc.I'm gonna buy clothes that fit and make me look my best. The whole point of clothes is to look good! So I'm gonna buy clothes that are slimming and fit my body right. I'll look heavier if I buy the size 6 jeans and have muffin top than if I wear the 8s that fit correctly!!!
Being an engineer, I love numbers. And the scale has been stuck right around 150. Calorie zigzagging is really starting to help tho. I saw 150.8 lbs this morning, which is quite a low number lately for Monday morning! Usually I've ben 152+ and then I spend the whole week trying to get down to 150ish. This week I can start low and get lower! But a personal trainer at the gym asked on Wed. if I had "lost a ton of weight" since joining the gym in December. I haven't technically lost a pound! She replied "well then your body fat % must have really dropped, I can tell a big difference". This coming from someone I don't really see that often, it's hard to see these changes in ourself.
But anyway, back to the original point. Yes, it's incredibly exciting in our weight loss quest to fit in a smaller clothing size. But when you get to the point that I'm at, nearly at a goal weight, still losing body fat percentage while building muscle, clothing size is a fickle thing. I may have gone overboard with shopping in the last 2 weekends, but I really started not to care about what size I was buying. If the size 4s fit, AWESOME! But if I need size 10 because the thighs run narrow in those pants, I'll get it. It makes sense to buy the clothes that look the best (and don't cost an arm and a leg) rather than squeeze into the size 6 and look like crap. 
So, I will produly wear my size 4 jeans. And my size 13 crops. And my size 10 American Eagle dresses. And my amazing size large bikini top that I bought this weekend (thank goodness those didn't shrink that much!). My boyfriend doesn't even completely understand women's sizes anyway. I was like "i want to be a size 4" and he's like "i have no idea what they means but I think you look good whatever size you are now". And that's the important thing :) 

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