Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 93 Year Old Aunt Rita Called Me Sexy!

When you've reached the point in the weight loss journey that I'm at, it's easy to start to get discouraged. I've got under 10 lbs to go, only one more pants size, and I'M LOSING AT A SNAIL'S PACE! It's a miracle if I can log a loss at the end of the week now. It's usually I can log just under a pound lost once every 2-3 weeks. So, it's slow and kinda steady progress. So how do I keep from letting the scale get me completely frustrated and pissed off every time I step on it (like this morning, where I'm 3+ pounds heavier than last week from a crazy weekend of drinking coupled with insanely sore muscles?)
Look for other things that show success or progress of course! So, here's a few I noticed that I'm writing down to remind myself to take a chill pill and that I'm still moving forward.

1.) My stomach is flat when I suck in! I noticed that this morning in the mirror. I could totally pull off a bikini now! I have a little muffin top still if I don't have good posture and breathe out. BUT if I suck in a bit and stand up straight, my stomach actually looks pretty decent! So I'm starting to be confident that by summertime (in 4 months, so far away...), I'll be able to proudly wear my bikini without having to sacrifice lung function to do it!

2.)  I've managed to work in extra protein (and calories) into my diet, and I'm noticing the positive effects. During my workout with my trainer on Tuesday, I had enough energy to get through the whole thing without getting dizzy. The first few sessions, I hadn't eaten enough and I was getting lightheaded. I also realized I'm pretty strong, I was using 40-60 lbs on the arm machines :) However, I have never had my leg muscles this sore before! I can't even sit down without lots of pain! I'm hoping a trip to the gym today will loosen me up.

3.) My size 6 jeans are comfy :) I bought my favorite jeans from NY&Co in 4 sizes... haha. The 10s were too big by the end Oct or Nov. And the 8s were loose after Christmas. So I ordered them in 6 and 4 petite (NY&Co was discontinuing the style and they were $10 each!). And now I'm proudly wearing the 6s and they fit great! I have the 4s in my drawer waiting for me, they actually fit and zip, but I have some SERIOUS muffin top, so I won't be wearing those til the spring. But they're my official goal jeans :)

4.) I rocked a HOT dress at my cousin's wedding this past weekend. Took all the pictures people could snap of me. And I stood next to my size 4 sister and we looked close to the same size! She's always been the tiny one, now I'm only one size bigger than she is. She's scared I'll raid her closet... hahaha. My family was all complimenting me, my Aunt Rita (who is 93 years young) told me I should change my name to Sexy when she saw me!!!  I was cracking up. But I've definitely make a huge change from a year ago and it shows. Here's a before and after pictures of me in a dress then.... and now :)

The starting point: 215 lbs in October 2008 (this is on my 22nd birthday) 

The (almost) end point at 150 lbs this weekend

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