Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Excited To Go To the Doctors? That's New!

I've been trying to become a runner. I feel like I really have it in me to just throw on a pair of sneakers and run like the wind! So last summer I started Couch 2 5K and managed to get my still out of shape butt running. I was able to run a mile, slowly (like in 12 1/2 minutes) but it was a mile. Then I decided, hey, it's Fall, it's beautiful weather, let's run outside! So I went for it. And what a disappointment! I could barely run for 5 minutes before having to stop because i couldn't  breathe. I just chalked it up to still being out of shape.
Flash forward to last week. I was running on the treadmill... and I still couldn't handle more than 5 minutes at 4.5 mph. I couldn't take a deep breath. I could barely swallow actually. It was strange, given that it's an ENTIRE YEAR of working out nearly daily... and I still can't run? What's wrong with me???? Then I talked to my little sister, who flat out told me I have what she has... Exercise Induced Asthma. And the reason I haven't caught it until now is because I've never really exercised enough to trigger it in my entire life. I looked up the symptoms and it fits the bill! So I really am a runner... but my lungs aren't... haha
I've got my appointment with the Pulmonologist on Monday morning and I"m SO EXCITED TO GO! I want him to tell me what I pretty much already know, that I can be a runner. Give me an inhaler already! My sister says she doesn't have any issues with running or dancing with the inhaler, so I have hope that I'll be able to actually run a 5K (at faster than 4.1 mph) once I have one too. That would be so amazing! Actually being able to call myself a runner. I was always jealous of the girls at the gym who can just hop on a treadmill, set it to 6.0 mph, and run for half an hour. Now I know that I can too... in a week. I'm really antsy to get to that appointment!
Once I'm armed and dangerous, I think it'll really help with losing the last 10 lbs. I can't push myself in my workouts like I need to because I can't breathe, then I get dizzy from lack of oxygen (yeah, something is definitely up.... haha). And Spring is coming! It'll be awesome to run outside (not half-ass run for 2 minutes and then stop). I'm hoping to sign up for a 5K once I get the inhaler situation sorted out and I know I can run that far.

So, new goal... run a 5K before summertime!!!! AND I MEAN RUN! 

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