Thursday, March 29, 2012

Random Little Secrets to Share

I was thinking last night about how much I do or what I've done in the past that people would really have no idea, or at least you surprise you if you didn't know me insanely well. So... here's some to share.

1. I'm a card carrying member of the American Homebrewers Association. I don't actually brew my own beer, but it gets me discount in my favorite Dogfish Head Alehouse and at a couple other places. It was a Valentines gift from my boyfriend, haha.

2. I was a cheerleader from 5th-8th grade. I gave that up when trying to be on top of the pyramid failed miserably and I was relegated to doing cartwheels.

3. I taught myself algebra in 6th grade because I was so sick of learning fractions for the 80th time. My teacher just gave up and let me do my algebra workbooks in class.

4. I did Model UN in high school and college for 8 years. Despite being an engineer, I had a weird thing for international affairs.

5. I have my entire closet organized by clothing type and then in color order. White, rainbow, brown, grey, black. If it has a pattern, it goes with the dominant color and then closer to the side that has the secondary color. Did I mention I'm kind of OCD?

6. I met the governor of New Jersey when I was 10 for winning a poster contest in 4th grade. I was the county winner so I got to go to the state house and meet her with all the other country winners.

7. I built a battle robot in college for one of my classes. The goal was to smash the other robot in the ring to pieces and knock it out of the circle. One broken wire right before the competition made our robot blind and we lost miserably. I do believe we were hit by a hammer on the end of a rat trap...

8. I tried Irish dancing at age 7 and realized I lacked all coordination. My little sister kept it up and she's been competitively dancing for 15 years and has competed in the Nationals for it. Just think Riverdance, haha.

9. I never really went on a diet or tried to lose weight until 2 years ago when I went in 100% and didn't look back. I was always kind of unhappy, but I never really did anything about it. I don't go into anything halfway it seems...

10. I hate waking up in the morning to the sun shining and the birds chirping. I just want it to be dark and quiet and for those damn birds to stop their squawking!!!

11. I'm terrified of birds. Which is probably why I hate listening to them. I had an incident in St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy that scarred me for life. And the seagull incident on the Jersey Shore...

12. I have and always will be scared of mummies, petrified bodies, dead bodies, and anything that resembles a dead body. I can't go into the Egypt section of the Natural History Museum in DC...

13. I went to an All Girls Catholic high school... and then promptly went off to college to major in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering where I was one of 12 girls in a class of 120 or so. It was glorious...

14. I didn't listen to pop or modern music for all of junior and senior year. My ipod had nearly exclusively classic rock from the 1960s-1980s, mainly Beatles, Zeppelin, Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, and Bon Jovi... hahaha.

15. I watched every single Yankee game on TV in some capacity for the entire 2000 season when I was 13. That's 162 games with the Yankees winning the World Series against the Mets.

16. I'm from Jersey, I go to the Jersey Shore just about every summer, and I've never seen the TV show The Jersey Shore because the cast members aren't even from Jersey!!!

17. I've seen the movie Apollo 13 more than any other movie. I think I watch it at least once a month for entertainment.

18. I wanted to grow up to be Ariel from the Little Mermaid when I was a kid. Now I just dye my hair red and waltz around in bikinis. I think I'm good without the tail.... hahaha

19. I was thrown out of ballet class in 5th grade because I was giving the teacher trouble. I definitely wasn't made for slow, quiet and graceful types of dancing. Or any type of dancing really...

20. I know more about beer from what I've picked up in the last year and a half than most self-proclaimed beer guys do. I'm a fan of a good Barleywine or Strong ale, but my favorites are hoppy reds and ambers.